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Verizon – Pageplus – Redpocket

Verizon  Prepaid companies

Remember these prepaid carriers run on the same cell towers as Verizon.  These companies resell Verizon service under their company name.

If you have an Verizon phone we can help you activate your phone with any of these companies.

pageplus plans

redpocket verizon

Bring your Verizon or Sprint smart phones and we can activate them with Pageplus.

Verizon phones: to activate your Verizon phone we must first check if the ESN is clean to be activated with Pageplus.  The ESN is like the social security number that each phone has which is a unique number per device.  Most Verizon LTE phones can be activated with pageplus.

Sprint phones:  We can active most sprint phones to pageplus, but these phones have to get Flashed*.

Pageplus Activation fee: $20 dollars, the activation includes a new number, with the area code of your choice.

Pageplus Flashing Fee: $45 dollars, *Flashing means to change the phone configuration settings so that it can operate under pageplus.  Sprint phones have unique settings that will only work with sprint and you have to change those settings to make it work for page plus.  You need special software and knowledge to be able to do this.